International Consulting Services

We can help you form the best appropriate tax-efficient structure in the best locations to facilitate your expansion plan.

Multi-Country Management

We co-ordinate satellite entities and employee management across different locations through trusted partners.


We undertake payroll, financial management, accounting services including auditing, book keeping and expense control.

HR & Employee Benefits

We fully support your need for employment contracts and employee checks, then ensure you have the right processes, management and benefit programme in place.

Expatriates Tax Advice

We provide tax advice for expat employees (including USA) to minimise unnecessary cross-border taxation issues.

Independent Financial Advice

Independent financial advice and investment management is available to your employees.

Take the pain out of growing

Growing the business, making the sales, putting the right people in place are your concerns. Entity establishment (company registrations, legal formation and reporting). Business controls (offices, accounting, financial reporting, banking, taxes, legal representation etc). Staffing matters (recruitment, contracts, visas, payroll, HR, benefits and so on) can remain ours.

Employee Management

Stay on track

We will work with your existing advice team, whether they be at home or in the UK because you will need a secure platform of knowledge to ensure you stay on track. We can take you from the idea of an overseas satellite operation to a fully functioning office making the required contribution to your operation.

Employee Management
Employee Management

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