Savings and Investments

Wealth can be created and preserved successfully through appropriate considered investment management. Especially in today’s changing environment managing investments has become even more important. Bates Campbell will ensure that your investments receive an appropriate level of attention and are properly directed at achieving your aims.


None of us can predict when the worst might happen, but we can make provision just in case. Having a policy in place should you die or become unwell could prove a sensible use of resources, let us help you decide how much cover is appropriate for you.


Tax is one of the certainties of life according to expert comment. However, how much you pay can be kept to a minimum by taking sensible measures to limit your exposure to taxation. We can assess your options to establish the most tax efficient way for you to hold your assets.

After Work Savings

To provide an appropriate income stream in retirement you need professionals who can give your pension the attention it needs. Pension partnership with Bates Campbell will help secure your income in the years after salary or business earnings cease. Nurturing a pension these days is vital, new legislation and rapid global changes have presented new challenges to your goal of sufficient income after your working life diminishes. Bates Campbell work to give you a real picture of your retirement income. Help realise expectations and ensure an understanding of how your pension will help support your aspirations in retirement.

Succession Planning

Preserving assets for future generations requires careful planning. There are many ways of potential Inheritance Tax savings but which is right and appropriate for you? Bates Campbell can work with you and your other advisers to ensure you have suitable provisions in place to maximise your legacy.

Productive Assets?

Having established your position and discussed attitude to risk, we can assess current holdings and advise on areas where assets may benefit from redeployment. We then ensure that resources remain suitable, appropriate and productive.

Wealth Management

Eliminate the risk

Investments of all kinds have an associated risk, whilst it is generally accepted that greater risk usually offers higher reward in the long-term Bates Campbell aim to eliminate unnecessary risk, preferring to look for appropriate returns for your assets. We also look to avoid unforeseen duplication, another factor that can present risk exposure.

Wealth Management

Accumulate, Enjoy and preserve

Communication is key and what we want is to ensure that you have a realistic view of what you can achieve and a full understanding of your assets. Tax can also play a significant part in wealth building, why pay more tax on your holdings than you need to? Why not take advantage of opportunities that will preserve more of your estate when you are no longer around. Bates Campbell will help you accumulate, enjoy and preserve wealth whatever stage of life you are at.

Wealth Management
Wealth Management

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